The final and smallest book in the set, Untitled, explores the nonphysical sense of sight that exists when a reader engages with the metaphysical world within a book. At one-and-a-half by two inches, its miniature size hyperbolically illustrates the world beyond the book page: a tiny door to an infinite world.

Its content is the same as the first and largest book in the body of work, Call Me Ishmael, both referring to the idea of sight but in vastly different ways. Inside, the text is outlined into letter shaped windows, laser etched onto mirror paper, and enlarged to a disproportionate size to further emphasize the miniature size of the book. The highly reflective paper communicates the idea of dual worlds overlapping: the immediate physical environment and the ethereal metaphysical environment of the book.

The small pages of the book vary in color to touch on the idea of expansive and varying landscapes accessible to readers and are mirrored in arrangement to provide an entry point from either side of the book—there is no front or back cover. Small window cutouts on each cover mimic the window on the front cover of Call Me Ishmael and peek at the shiny kaleidoscopic endpapers, suggesting a multifaceted world inside. The title, Untitled, and white cloth of the covers stand to represent any book and again emphasize the myriad possibilities available to readers. Inspiration for this concept was drawn from Peter Mendelsund’s book, What We See When We Read:

When I read, I withdraw from the phenomenal world. I turn my attention “inward.” Paradoxically, I turn outward toward the book I am holding, and, as if the book were a mirror, I feel as though I am looking inward. […] When I read, my retirement from the phenomenal world is undertaken too quickly to notice. The world in front of me and the world “inside” me are not merely adjacent, but overlapping; superimposed. A book feels like the intersection of these two domains—or like a conduit; a bridge; a passage between them.

Laser etched Mirri, silk velvet, magnetic closure.

+ 1.5 x 2 inches, closed