01001001 01101110 SEARCH01101111 01100110 LOST TIME



01001001 01101110 SEARCH 01101111 01100110 LOST TIME

The fourth book in the series alludes to the sense of smell, the least most dominant sense used when reading (and to a lesser degree, taste, which is not employed at all during the act of reading). Its concept comes from Marcel Proust’s famous anecdote about madeleine cakes in the first volume of In Search of Lost Time, which details the power of smell and taste in the recollection of involuntary memory.

While doing research, parallels in the language used to describe human memory and computers became immediately apparent and the book’s title—01001001 01101110 Search 01101111 01100110 Lost Time—and text demonstrate this by partially translating Proust’s words into binary code. The pages are single folios housed in a transparent 3D printed boxlike cover and are unnumbered to allow their replacement in the box to become mixed and scattered, just as human memory becomes mixed and scattered with the passage of time.

The box is printed from resin scented with vanilla, a key ingredient in madeleine cakes and an instantly recognizable—and often memorable—aroma. The base of the box has ten round extruded pegs that outline the atoms in a vanilla aroma molecule when viewed from above, over which the stack of book pages fit neatly via small punched holes. In this way, the vanilla scent is literally infusing the memory in a visual manner.

The pages and cover of the book are bright yellow in color and the text is inkjet printed in shades of orange and red to make the piece as a whole more memorable—research demonstrates that the human memory best recalls images that are warm in color, yellow being the most effective for this purpose.

3D printed resin, inkjet prints on Colorplan, silk velvet.
+ Box — 4.875 x 4.875 x 1.625 inches
+ Pages — 4.625 x 4.625 inches