At heart, books are portable entry points into an unseen world. Their haptic three-dimensional character requires active engagement of the senses and provides a playground for the imagination. The architecture of the book has the potential to further amplify this inherently tactile experience via its physical presence and formal qualities. The pieces in my body of work aim to build bridges between our immediate reality and the hidden world of the book through the use of experimental materials and processes.

The complete body of work includes five books ranging in size from extra large to miniature. All vary widely in content but individually address the senses that are fundamental to our understanding of the physical book. Each volume features a different process that is replicable on a large scale for theoretical mass production to illustrate its potential application in a commercial setting. The books are bound in varying colors of plush silk velvet to celebrate the sensual nature of the printed tome and together stand as a collective ode to its timeless allure.


25 Apr in thesis


21 Apr in thesis

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